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21 October 2015 @ 11:59 am
aimee. 25. australia.

music junkie. wears band t-shirts and converse allstars. fangirl.
has an eclectic selection of friends. 1/2 kiwi. lives for music. instant human - just add coffee.
wants tattoos. will iron for cash. doesn't do sports. would rather be sleeping.
wears a micky mouse watch. addicted to skittles. wont cook - but will happily wash dishes.
never with the band - always for the band.
drives a car named Erik (not the Viking... the Phantom).
is a little more "alternative" then some other stereotypical lifestyle classifications.
often needs a hug.

aimee...... is also available at
last.fm and facebook
and can be contact at bohemian_heathen@hotmail.com

LIKES: lord of the rings, musicians, tooheys new, pasta, ewan mcgregor, reading,
les miserables, johnny depp, orange lollypops, playing solitare, coffee, oasis, movies,
sleeping, bourbon, trainspotting, orlando bloom, vodka, driving, my chemical romance,
guys with tattoos, making cupcakes, bacon & egg mcmuffins, converse all stars, corsets, hoodies,
dr who, 42, musical theatre, bob bryar, rise against, burlesque dancing, true blood, amanda fucking palmer

DISLIKES: people with bad attitudes, the "Idol" phenomenon and manufactured pop stars,
ignorant drivers, bad 80's fashion, "moldy straw" hair styles, cooking, speed cameras,
getting out of bed early on a sunday morning, drunk football fans,
anything other than salt on her chicken schnitzel,
seeing guys underwear because the waistband of their pants is around their knees,
dresses that look like your dad's oversized business shirts, "fashion" in general, milo,
american politics, drinking restrictions and curfews, dishonesty,
being ignored

random friending encouraged